verizon family plan

Prepaid Family Account

1. New Prepaid Family Account pricing featuring discounts on lines 2-5
2. $10/mo., $15/mo., or $20/mo. Savings per line for lines 2-5
3. Features include:
   •Add and manage up to 5 lines through one account
   •All account members can manage individuals lines via My Verizon Mobile
   •Data is not shared
4. Same billing cycle date for all members of the account
5. Any recurring payments must be managed by the account owner
6. Current prepaid QCI9 data prioritization applies
7. Eligible for New accounts, Add a line, Port in
8. Available to all Prepaid customers

Basic Rules

1. Up to 5 lines of service on one account
2. Smartphones and 4G LTE Phones only
   •(Basic phones, Tablets, Jetpacks and Connected Devices cannot be
added to a MLA)
3. All lines will have the same renewal date
4. Account balance must fund all lines at time of renewal
5. Customers can mix and match prepaid plans ($40, $50, $60, $80)
6. Discounting:
   •Line 1 pays full plan amount
   •Line’s 2-5 can receive up to $80 in discounts by plan

   •Account Roles

Account Owner (AO) – Primary line

1. Ability to perform all BAU account transactions to all lines. AO’s
ASC allows them to make changes to all lines.
2. AO Cannot - access AM’s credit card information, remove funds from AM’s line balance or access AM’s MyVzW.
3. The Account Owner can transfer ownership to another line. The next line on the account automatically becomes the new Account Owner when the old Account. Owner’s line is:

   •Ported out
   •Disconnected by Verizon Wireless (fraud, etc.)

Account Members (AM) - All other lines (2-5)

   •Make own line balance payments only
   •Used to add Paygo features (data bundles, 411, etc)
   •View own usage
   •Make changes to own line: MDN, Device ID, ASC
   •Report own line lost or stolen devices
   •Reset own VM password
   •Manage own line - MVM & MVO

   •Activate/Add new lines to the MLA
   •Make plan changes
   •Make account balance payments
   •Add ILD feature

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